An Appalling Crime

revere victims gofundme adrianna meija-rivera

revere victims gofundme adrianna meija-rivera

Five-year-old Adrianna Mejia-Rivera and her baby sister Natasha Nicole, killed by an alleged drunk driver.(via GoFundMe)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- I challenge any decent human being to look at the picture of five-year-old Adrianna Mejia-Rivera and her baby sister Natasha Nicole--the two victims of an alleged drunk driver as they walked on a Revere sidewalk Sunday--and hold it together.

The age and innocence of these two and the appalling details of the charges against and history of their alleged killer make this an especially heinous crime.

And now that we’ve learned the suspect in the case was given her license back after being acquitted in a drunk driving bust a few years back, you can expect an outcry against the judge in that case, Maurice Flynn.

After all, the police report from that earlier incident insists the suspect was hammered.

She had refused a breath test, had been in court over violent incidents twice before that, and in the Revere case, prosecutors say she admitted to drinking on the day of the crash.

How could a judge buy a defense lawyer’s argument that the woman “poses no threat” and just hand them back their license?

Maybe because he was following the law.

As the Globe notes: “[state] law calls for a ‘rebuttable presumption that said license be restored, unless the commonwealth shall establish, by a fair preponderance of the evidence, that restoration of said license would likely endanger the public safety.’”

A quick Google search of Judge Flynn offers no compelling evidence that he’s a “turn ‘em loose” type.

So maybe the right response to this horror story is compassion for the survivors, anger at the alleged perp, and a phone call to your rep or senator asking them why a law that allows such an outcome shouldn’t be changed, sooner rather than later.

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