Heads Up, New Hampshire!

voting new hampshire primary

voting new hampshire primary

Stickers reading "NH Votes / I Voted" given out during the 2016 New Hampshire primary. (Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- New Hampshire is a very beautiful state with a lot of great history and wonderful people, and I would never want to see anything happen that would hurt their self-esteem or economic well-being.

Having said that, my New Hampshire friends had better brace themselves.

Their long run as--along with Iowa--a key gatekeeper in the presidential race may be nearing an end.

Two of the biggest, most delegate-rich states, California and Texas, have joined seven other states, including Massachusetts, to create a super-duper 2020 primary on March 3, the earliest date in recent memory. Early voting in California will start as Iowans are going to their caucuses, and as of now super-duper Tuesday will fall just three days after the South Carolina primary.

And I’m sorry New Hampshire, don’t get mad at me over this, but I’m afraid this means your importance is going to be severely diminished.

The early field of possible candidates includes multiple entries from California, and no wonder. If you can draw just a few flies in the first primary and caucus states but then win California on March 3rd, suddenly you’re the frontrunner.

And even if you do want to play big in New Hampshire, you don’t even have to spend that much time there to do it.

You can do what Donald Trump did three years ago and campaign a lot in Massachusetts, knowing the media coverage will reach into the Granite State. It's a two-fer!

This might even be the cycle where a candidate who ignores it winds up winning.

Heads up, New Hampshire--to keep the perks flowing, you’d better take a look at the day after Dr. King’s birthday.

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