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voting polls generic

voting polls generic

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The fine folks over at the Suffolk University polling center came up with a clever idea in their latest survey of Democrats and independents for USA Today.

As the newspaper puts it, “asking voters their pick for president more than a year before the primaries begin typically doesn't tell you much beyond name recognition.”

So instead, they asked “which candidates [out of 11 options offered] now seem intriguing to voters, and who turns them off.”

The results have to be daunting for our own senior Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who was underwater with only 27% excited about her possible candidacy and 33% saying she shouldn’t run.

That was a bit better than former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, underwater by 12 points, and a lot better than 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton; only 15% of those polled said they were psyched for another try by her, while 70% said don’t do it.

Seventy percent.

The prospect of another Bernie Sanders run excites 36% of voters, but 41% don’t want him to go again.

Newer faces do better, with the likes of Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker and Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke drawing more positivity than negativity.

But for now they’re left in the dust by a very old face, 76-year-old Joe Biden, whom 53% are excited about with just 24% negatives.

Unfortunately for Biden, that probably reflects what the pollsters wanted to bypass--pure name recognition--more than anything else, especially when you see who “won” this poll--none of the above, described to the respondents as “someone entirely new,” which 59% of those polled are excited about.

That’s what we did last time, elect “someone entirely new,” didn’t we?

Hey Democrats and independents--how’s that working out so far?''

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