The Cops Vs. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — Quite a few police officers don’t much care for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

When she earlier this year called the criminal justice system “racist…front to back” during a panel discussion of the system’s failures, the chief of the Yarmouth Police Department was just one blue voice calling her comments “disrespectful and divisive.”

After a ton of pushback, Warren called the chief to clarify her remarks and noted she was indicting the system.

And what makes this exchange between Warren and the cops so interesting is that she is now preparing to run for president as a cop, bent on policing what she sees as a corrupt political and financial system.

If you took the senator’s rhetoric over the years about Wall Street bankers, student loan swindlers and the pols on the take who protect them and applied it to street crime, she would sound like the toughest law-and-order candidate the Democrats have nominated in decades.

More than most if not all of her competitors, Warren gets specific about her policing tactics. Her “Accountable Capitalism Act” would force big companies to include workers’ reps on their board, and curb executive profit-taking off the quick stock-price bumps that cutbacks and layoffs can often yield.

Her anti-corruption bill would require much broader lobbyist registration and put a windfall tax on excessive lobbying.

These ideas have made her a pariah on Wall Street and at the White House, but good cops and citizens who crave law and order on the streets should want it in the backrooms and corporate suites as well.

It is the premier challenge of Warren’s campaign to change the perception of her from cop critic, to badly-needed new cop on the beat.

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