Gaffe Fest In Washington

lindsay graham

lindsay graham

Lindsay Graham. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina is far from the worst political figure in Washington. He seemed reasonable when I met him during his brief, unsuccessful run for president last time. And if John McCain considered you one of his closest friends, as he did with Graham, you must have something going for you.

But Graham committed a terrible gaffe yesterday on TV. You know what a gaffe is, don’t you? “When a politician tells the truth.”

Graham said he wanted to end the government shutdown but that was not his “goal ... The goal is to fix a broken immigration system,” he said, and after conferring with the president, “we’re never going to have a deal unless we get a wall.”

Again, this is a gaffe because Graham is honestly spilling beans he probably shouldn’t be spilling.

There’s the abandonment of any pretense of concern for the hundreds of thousands of government workers and their families being put through the wringer by the shutdown. Their financial stability is just mass leverage to force through a security plan that most Americans and even staunch immigration control advocates don’t want.

But there is one embattled group of Americans whose future Graham is deeply concerned about--those with desks in the Oval Office.

“If he gives in [on the wall] now ... that’s probably the end of his presidency,” said Graham in an interview a few days ago.

If support from the hard-right is all this presidency is based on, then no wonder someone like Graham is talking as if the sky is about to fall in. Maybe it is.

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