The Unpersuasive Border Crisis

president donald trump

president donald trump

President Trump spoke to the nation Tuesday night from the Oval Office. (Carlos Barria-Pool/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- If you were old enough to understand what was going on during the Vietnam War, chances are you remember what a huge impact news coverage had on public opinion about the war.

This was the first time millions of Americans experienced graphic video of terrible violence beamed into our living rooms every night. The big national newspapers broke the stories of how our government lied to us about it; the local paper kept tabs on all the shattered families in your neighborhood.

The debate over the Vietnam War was a major political crisis. The coverage validated the military and human crises behind it.

But that’s what’s missing in this ridiculous showdown over the border wall.

Months of extensive coverage of the migrants at the border has failed to provide the documentary evidence needed to convince people a major crisis is in the making.

Where is the daily video of the immigrants described by the president last night as “vicious … ruthless” predators bent on spilling “more American blood”? They are, he seemed to insist, cleverly disguised as desperate poor people.

But the most striking thing about last night’s speeches was the clash of dueling partisan realities.

The president focused heavily on threats that will ultimately feel distant to most Americans--because they are distant. The Democrats are focused on the shutdown, an immediate threat to well-being and convenience.

Go ahead, you be the strategist--which position do you think has the upper hand politically?

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