The Perils Of Predictions

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Tom Brady after Sunday's win over the Chargers. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- One thing you learn with experience, if you’re paying attention – don’t try to predict the unpredictable.

There are some professions where this is unavoidable. Weather forecasters, stock market forecasters – if the word “forecaster” is in your job title, you’re going to have to take your best guess.

Sports journalism is another profession where writers are expected to predict outcomes, often with embarrassing results. At least half of ESPN’s “experts” picked the Chargers to beat the Patriots. Oops.

Even worse, all five of the Globe’s fine football writers – ostensibly those who know the Patriots best – picked the Chargers. And I wonder – how can folks who watch Brady and Belichick work day in and day out for years ever pick against them?

That rout yesterday was a masterpiece of expert coaching, game-planning and execution.

Kansas City might have a better team this year, but isn’t that what they said about the Chargers?

Maybe there only one thing you can always predict accurately – that most predictions about anything will be wrong.

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