A New Inductee Into The Hall Of Shame

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Rep. Steve King. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — Right now, somewhere on the internet, or maybe on a radio talk show, someone is accusing Republican leaders of caving to political correctness by stripping troglodyte Iowa Congressman Steve King of his committee assignments after his lifetime habit of spewing vile racism caught up with him.

After nearly twenty years of being returned to office despite—or maybe because of—repeated derogatory comments about people of color and immigrants, King apparently pushed the racist envelope a bit too far for even the likes of Mitch McConnell (although not, so far, President Trump) when he asked a reporter: “White nationalist, white supremacist ... how did that language become offensive?”

I don’t know, congressman—maybe when the Klan was slaughtering and terrorizing Americans, or perhaps when Hitler used similar language to justify the Holocaust?

In case you missed just how bigoted King is, he also told the same interviewer that the sight of all the newly-elected women and people of color in Congress leads him to “think the Democratic Party is no country for white men.”

To those who see PC suppression of free speech here, I say no one is denying King his First Amendment rights.

They’re just exercising their own by putting this creature where he belongs—in the hall of shame.

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