Let's Play The Shame Game

jon keller snow on car

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — Most of the time, I’m pretty mellow behind the wheel, at least by Bostonian standards.

But yesterday, I slowed down several times to politely-but-firmly speak to folks who had failed to clear dangerous loads of snow and ice from their vehicle before heading out onto the roads.

In one case, I saw a young woman come to a stop as the pile on her roof cascaded down, completely burying her windshield.

Her grasp of the situation seemed fragile—she laughed like something was funny and flipped on her wipers, which immediately ground to a halt under the avalanche of her negligence.

However, her smile faded quickly as I pulled up alongside and politely-but-firmly expressed my thoughts.

I tried to keep it simple—“snow…your roof…clear it before you drive”—and then I had to drive on so the drivers behind me could glare at her.

Did you see this kind of thing making your rounds yesterday?

I saw multiple reports of damage caused by the snow-removal scofflaws, and I’m sure we’ll see more today.

Because even three days after the storm ended and after a full day of thawing, some of us, somehow, still can’t grasp the concepts of public safety and civic obligation.

Fines need to be boosted and licenses taken away, but maybe the best deterrence here is public shaming.

That is, if shame even matters anymore.

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