Facebook's New Low

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — How low can Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and the rest of the gang at Facebook go in their pursuit of ever more millions?

We haven’t found the bottom yet, and I’m starting to think we never will.

The latest expose of Facebook’s unvarnished greed comes from the Center for Investigative Reporting through court papers documenting their unrelenting efforts to squeeze every possible dime out of the customers of some of their most popular online games—children.

As the Center puts it: “Facebook orchestrated a multiyear effort that duped children and their parents out of money, in some cases hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and then often refused to give the money back.”

Among the findings:

•            Facebook “encouraged” game developers to entice kids into spending money without parental permission, calling the practice “friendly fraud;”

•            Facebook referred to the kids they were targeting as “whales,” the term casino operators use to describe big-spending gamblers;

•            To mollify parents who had started to complain, Facebook offered virtual gifts like free in-game enhancement instead of refunds, because, as one employee wrote: “Virtual goods bear no cost.”

There is much, much more, a litany of perfidy that ranks with the most callous, irresponsible corporate behavior of all-time.

Facebook needs a new name.

I suggest Scambook.

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