Baby It's Cold Outside

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Here’s some breaking news for you—it’s cold outside.

How cold is it?

One overheated writer called it “apocalyptic cold.”

In what way are today’s sub-zero wind chills “apocalyptic”?

An apocalypse is a massive disaster, a catastrophe, a cataclysm.

That in no way describes what is happening.

The WBZ forecast calls for temperatures around 20 by later today, mid- to upper-30s by the weekend, and maybe mid-50s by next Tuesday. Since when is one frigid morning the end of the world?

I agree sub-zero cold is nasty, and if your heat drops out or your car breaks down, it’s worse than annoying. The only way these temps can become a calamity is if you wander around in them for too long or without adequate protection.

Perhaps there are folks dumb enough to do so, but I suspect most of us realize the folly of that.

But for those who are uncertain, some quick tips on surviving this morning’s apocalypse.

Stay indoors.

If you must go out, bundle up and keep it brief.

Got it? Or do we need to watch a few MEMA videos to help us practice?

“Apocalyptic cold,” really?

We know what an apocalypse is, going down three games to none to the Yankees.

The last time that happened, it turned out to be an apocalypse for Yankee fans.

And that’s the very best kind of apocalypse.

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