Boston Vs. LA? No Contest

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Listeners with long memories will recall that two weeks ago, I correctly picked the Patriots to beat the Chiefs and win the AFC Championship.

Had ‘em all the way.

So of course, you’ve been on the edge of your seat all week awaiting my choice for the big one on Sunday.

And of course I’m picking the Pats again, but not out of blind fan loyalty.

No, this selection is based on cold, hard facts, intensive research and unemotional, highly-technical analysis.

You know, the same way President Trump makes his decisions.

So let’s start with the location of the game, the gleaming new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta.

You might think the imagery of a ridiculously-overpriced luxury car would make an LA team feel more comfortable, since high-priced excess is that city’s claim to fame. But the stadium actually looks like a Mercedes that got run over by a truck, a big, dirty, New England truck.

Edge, Patriots.

The Rams have a fine team, but they’re from LA. The Patriots are from New England.

Edge, Patriots.

The Rams have some handsome players, and a star quarterback whose name sounds like “golf.” The Pats do have Tom Brady, but mostly they look a little rough around the edges, and have names like Gronk.

Edge, Patriots.

I could go on, but I hear you begging me to stop.

31-27 Pats, it’s a lock.

But remember—absolutely no wagering allowed.

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