Time To Can The Beer-Throwing

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Tuesday’s rolling rally through Boston marking yet another Patriots’ title was a great event, perfect weather and euphoric fans celebrating perhaps the most unexpected Super Bowl win of them all.

But it could have been a horrific disaster.

In a network TV interview Wednesday night, Rob Gronkowski revealed that he was hit full in the face, less than an inch from his left eye, by a full beer can hurled at him by an onlooker.

Rob Gronkowski Hit In Head By Beer Can During Patriots Parade
Rob Gronkowski Hit In Head By Beer Can During Patriots Parade
Gronkowski told“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”the can drew blood, and even showed Fallon the small cut it left near one of his eyebrows.

A photographer also had his face bloodied by a can ; another one reportedly just missed Tom Brady’s little daughter.

Gronkowski was laughing about it on TV the other night, but there’s really nothing funny about it.

What if Gronk—or anyone else—had been blinded or killed? It’s a miracle that didn’t occur.

We went through this last fall with the Red Sox victory parade, and it’s past time for something to be done about it.

A Beer-Can Wakeup Call
A Beer-Can Wakeup Call
Jon Keller to the Red Sox: can the public booze fests.

The cops do their best to police the crowd, but the teams and the players themselves also need to look in the mirror for some answers.

If the players want to drink themselves senseless, fine, but does it really have to happen on the duck boats and live TV in full view of impressionable fans?

Answer: no, it doesn’t, and the sooner everyone admits their role in creating a boozy culture that’s going to get someone killed, the better.

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