The Art Of The Spin


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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The prepared statement from a government agency or politician is an art form, of sorts, typically aimed at deflating the news value of the topic at hand.

By this standard, a statement Wednesday from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on the latest step in its increasingly-embarassing partnership with Wynn Resorts is a failure.

It actually raises more questions than it answers, which is not what you want a prepared statement to do.

In the statement, the MGC explains it is ready to “finalize an agreement guaranteeing that commissioners have access to important investigative information relevant to the Wynn Resorts suitability review,” a process undertaken after a couple of Wall Street Journal reporters found corporate misconduct evidence that the MGC’s crack investigators couldn’t.

Hold on.

We need a guarantee of “access to important investigative information”?


After months of re-investigation, if we’re not already getting it, that’s a huge strike against the company.

Here’s the bottom line – the MGC has a lot of power.

They could throw that company into a deep hole by simply saying – drop your legal stonewalling and give us everything we need by tomorrow or you’re toast.

And that raises one more question – why won’t the MGC just go ahead and use that power instead of feeding us more questionable spin?

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