Keller: New Movies Have Him Behind

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — After seeing what the rise of the internet and the proliferation of news sources has done to the newspaper industry, it’s a little surprising that the movie business hasn’t tanked as well.

After all, you can see any movie you want any time you want without getting fully dressed and dragging yourself in the cold to an expensive theater.

But the movie industry seems to be hanging in there, still making money and turning out product. And while I’m glad for everyone involved, I have to admit, they’ve left me behind.

For the first time I can recall, I haven’t seen any of the eight nominees for best picture. 

But in my annual tribute to the great Bill Murray skit on Saturday Night Live, I will not let that stop me from making my Oscar prediction.

I hear “A Star Is Born” is well done, and I kind of like Lady Gaga, but giving the award to a third remake of the same plot seems like a concession of Hollywood failure. 

While I want to see “Blackk Klansman,” director Spike Lee is a Knicks fan, so, sorry, cannot give it to him. 

I’d watch a “30 for 30” about Dick Cheney and Queen, but a full-length movie? No.

I gotta go with the Farrelly brothers from Rhode Island and give them the Oscar for “Green Book.” 

Haven’t seen it, but I really like clam cakes and calamari, Rhode Island style. 

And I figure that criteria is just as valid as anything the Academy voters are thinking. 

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