Keller: The Value Of Showing Respect

Left to Right: Tom Turco (Credit Sam Doran/SNHS) , Rachael Rollins (Credit: WBZ-TV), Charlie Baker( WBZ NewsRadio)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It looks like the mushroom cloud that formed late last week over the relationship between the Baker administration and Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins has dissipated, with both Rollins and the governor saying they are eager to move on.

But it’s worth revisiting exactly what happened here, because there’s a useful lesson in it for all of us.

Last Thursday, Public Safety Sec. Tom Turco wrote a letter to Rollins taking issue with some of the policies the newly-elected DA is pursuing. In his perfectly reasonable letter, Turco zeroed in on some of those policies, such as declining to pursue misdemeanors like shoplifting and larceny pot possession, and suggested that some of her ideas might impede law enforcement anti-drug efforts.

The critical feedback isn’t what upset Rollins, prompting her to snap back with a snide reference to the way law enforcement handled a recent issue involving the governor’s adult son. It was the fact that Turco’s letter went public before she even saw it, and he didn’t give her a phone call before sending it out.

That is standard courtesy procedure for these kind of interactions, and failing to follow it was out of character for a Baker team that makes a habit of acting courteously toward other elected officials.

The moral of the story – it makes sense to show respect for others, especially those you disagree with.

Failing to do so invites escalation and backlash.

And Rachael Rollins is clearly someone you do not want to casually disrespect.

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