How To Deal With The 'Wild Turkeys'

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife has issued an advisory on how to deal with wild turkeys after a spate of incidents involving conflict with humans. 

And it should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand politics.

“Some turkeys may be seen acting aggressively by pecking, following, or exhibiting other intimidating behavior towards people,” it reads.

This reminds me of what you see out of Washington every day, thanks to cable news.

“Males will puff out their feathers, fan their tails, and ‘strut their stuff’ while gobbling and making other vocalizations,” it continues.

And I thought debate season wasn’t due to start for another couple months.

“Wild turkeys live in flocks organized by pecking order,” otherwise known as committees. “Each bird is dominant over or ‘pecks on’ birds of lesser social status.”

Hail to the chief, or suffer the consequences.

Apparently, the wild turkeys have become increasingly emboldened because we humans enable them. 

“The best thing you can do to prevent conflicts with turkeys is to stop feeding them,” according to Dave Scarpitti, MassWildlife political analyst…or, rather, Turkey Biologist. “Feeding turkeys…may lead to bold or aggressive behavior.”

So there you have it. 

If we want those turkeys to stop annoying us, we have to stop encouraging them.

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