What Will Facebook Tell The Future About Us

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Did you see the new study out of Oxford University that predicts the dead will outnumber the living on Facebook in less than fifty years from now?

No kidding, they say more than 1.4 billion Facebook members will pass by 2100.

That’s an awful lot of sad emojis.

But beyond that, the study’s author says it raises all sort of social questions around who gets to have all that personal data, what power do survivors have over it, and the part that really chilled me: “its use by future historians to understand the past.”

Yes, what will the future make of what we do on social media?

They will learn some positive things about us – family and community bonding, diverse cultures, creativity.

And just from reading the chatter between Boston sports fans and the hapless followers of other teams, those historians will gain some sobering insight into the bitter, jealous losers of today.

But I wonder what kind of impression the darker aspects of the Facebook archives will leave.

The nasty, lie-filled, perversely manipulated political discourse may appall them.

The casual cruelty, among kids and adults.

And the social media mobs, drawn like leeches to anyone wading in their pond, drawing what blood they can before moving on to the next victim.

But darn it, we’ll also know what kind of pet clothing they bought when they weren’t trolling.

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