The Joy of Dogs

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — I am so glad to hear that the brief misunderstanding between a Boston hotel and the city over the hotel’s outdoor-lounge events where patrons are invited to bring their dogs has been resolved.

Apparently, the paperwork for Yappier Hour was not in order, but now it is, and the fun can continue.

It never made sense that the city was really concerned about mixing dogs with drinking.

I can’t think of a single venue where adults consume alcohol that couldn’t be made a happier, calmer place by allowing dogs to accompany their humans.

And while I don’t believe Mayor Walsh is a dog owner, he surely knows better than to get on the bad side of those who do.=

One of the many reasons why so many of us who love dogs would admit, if pressed, that we prefer their company to that of most people, is that dogs are excellent drinking companions.

They never buy a round, but don’t demand to be bought one either. They laugh at all our jokes, and never ditch us to go home with someone else.

Dogs may sometimes get in a tussle, but they never go out looking for trouble. They’re peacemakers.

One time I went to a local farm to scout out a litter of puppies, and was in the barn at one point with seven strangers, all of us holding a newborn pup. Everyone fell silent, and at that moment I realized that if everyone on earth could have a dog to pet, there would be no more war.

So here’s to dogs, by our side at happy hour and everywhere else.

These days, we need much, much more of their company, not less.

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