Turning Success Into Failiure

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Has there ever been a bunch of pols more adept at turning success into failure than the Trump administration?

Despite all of the unforced White House errors, like the tariff debacle and the government shutdown, the economy keeps on cooking. And a new CNN poll finds record 56% approval for the president’s handling of the economy.

Despite all of the lying and obstructive acts, the Mueller report found no cause for a collusion charge and punted on the question of obstruction.

And in the latest Quinnipiac poll two thirds of voters say they don’t want to see impeachment.

Those are two crucial areas where the White House and their allies should be declaring victory and using as a launching point for badly-needed repair of the president’s historically low approval ratings.

Instead, we get charades like Attorney General Barr’s needless lies and fight with Congress.

And then there’s the president’s troll tweeting, which seems to be an incurable compulsion.

The oldest rule in the political handbook is to avoid elevating your opponent by picking unnecessary fights.

Yet there’s President Trump, helping Joe Biden by taunting him and blue-collar labor unions.

And the endless White House whining about the media isn’t working either. That Quinnipiac poll finds voters trust the media more than Trump, no contest.

It all evokes Casey Stengel’s question about the terrible New York Mets team he was managing: “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

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