How The Celtics Hit A Dead End

Celtics Game 2 (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — What’s the moral of the grim demise of this year’s Celtics, now faced with beating Milwaukee three straight times in order to survive?

The easy, lazy way to play is a dead end.

The Bucks were ripe to be taken down last night. They shot 22-percent from three-point land, a wretched 8-for-37.

The problem was, the Celtics also shot 22-percent, an atrocious 9-for-37. And they had ten fewer two-pointers than Milwaukee, which was basically the difference in the game.

That means the Bucks had the ability to score inside when their long game was off but the Celtics did not.

And that’s a problem, in basketball and in life.

Pro basketball teams are obsessed with the three-point shot these days, and the art of inside passing, post play and the mid-range jump shot is dying before our eyes. For older fans, this is a major turn-off; a beautiful game has been turned ugly by shallow strategy and the lazy grandstanding that the three-pointer barrage represents.

Judging from the polls, it looks like voters are likewise being turned off by shallow candidates and high elected officials who prefer taking potshots and pandering to the mob – the political equivalent of the three-pointer – to promoting teamwork.

The current Celtics lean way too heavily on the threes by design. So does Milwaukee, and Houston is the worst.

Yes, the reigning champs in Oakland shoot a ton of threes, but they have much more diversity in their game.

Look for them to win it again, while the others wonder if the lazy way is really the way they want to go.

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