Keller: #Us Too

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Calling all men – did you know we are under attack for the way we look and the clothing we wear?

Sounds inconceivable in this era of sensitivity about gender stereotyping. But it’s true.

According to a story in yesterday’s Globe, “Twitter is littered with 280-character rants, mostly by women, about men in sandals, and publications from Deadspin to The Wall Street Journal have tackled the question of whether the look on men is ever acceptable.”

Complaints include – quoting again – “hairy toes…long toenails,” and this slur from a local woman who told the Globe that a man in sandals “can’t run, he can’t climb, he can’t carry boulders. It’s a message of leisure, and I submit to you that a man who is dressed for leisure will quickly find himself in peril.”

Sounds threatening, as does this question on Twitter: “Do men that wear flip flops in public deserve rights?”

I’m sure the women behind these comments will insist that they were only joking.

But I, for one, am outraged.

If men choose to air out their feet in warm weather and enjoy the comfort of sandals, who are these people to question it?

Perhaps they feel it’s open season on men who dress this way, almost as if they were asking for it, right sexist women?

And if these snide remarks aren’t gross objectification of the male body, I don’t know what is.

I think I speak for many men when I say, we’re sick of it.

OK, maybe Gronk isn’t, but the rest of us are.

There should be no place in modern-day culture for this kind of abuse.

And all women who engage in it should ask themselves – how would you like it if it were directed at you?

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