The Weather Glass Is Half-Full

Rainy Night in Boston

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — April set a new Boston record for rainy days.

May has also been wet and, especially the last couple of days, wicked cold.

When we dream of spring in the dark depths of January and February, this is not what we’re dreaming of.

But I’m mindful of the fact that one of the reasons you tune in to Boston’s News Radio at this time each day is because of my irrepressible optimism.

So in that spirit, here are a few reasons why what we’re suffering through really isn’t all that bad.

* First off, we won’t have to be worrying about drought restrictions anytime soon.

You can hook the hose up to the kids’ backyard water slide without fear of a visit from the police, although with water rates what they are it’s possible you may need a second mortgage.

* Second, other places have had it worse than us.

Islip, New York just endured nearly a month of every-day rain, especially bad because even in dry weather, a day in Islip can seem like a month anywhere else.

It’s true, we had a rainier April here than in Seattle. But Seattle is stuck with Amazon as its overlord, so I’d call it a wash.

* But the best news I can give you is that this wretched weather is about to end.

They’re talking about a nice weekend and 80 degrees by next Monday. And just think about how good that green lawn of yours will look by then.


Our glass is half-full this spring.

With frigid rain water, but half-full of it.

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Keller @ Large

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