Kumbaya? No Thanks

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It’s a given – take a poll asking voters if they want political leaders who will work together in a bi-partisan way to solve the nation’s problems, and large majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents will say yes, of course.

Then, when our political leaders mostly fail to comply, the polls show record-low confidence in the ability of government to get things done.

But did we ever really mean it?

Consider the success of President Trump, who clearly has zero interest in unifying the nation or finding bipartisan compromise.

Mr. Trump’s scorched-earth rhetoric and my-way-or-the-highway approach to policy has won him virtually unprecedented support from Republicans, with approval ratings reaching 90 percent.

A Gallup poll earlier this year found the partisan gap in his approval ratings was unprecedented, and the president seems to like it that way.

Now consider the slow but steady rise of Sen. Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary.

She, too, is a devotee of scorched-earth rhetoric, and unlike current frontrunner Joe Biden and some of her other competitors, is often openly disdainful of the notion of common ground with political enemies.

The latest example: a string of tweets yesterday in which she takes a “hard pass” on an invitation from Fox News to do a “town hall” event with them because she doesn’t want to fuel a “hate-for-profit” machine, a position sure to endear her to Fox News haters.

We may say we want national, partisan unity, but many of us clearly don’t mean it.

Maybe this is one time it’s worth looking in the mirror, instead of pointing fingers at the pols.

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