Our Grim Future

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — There’s an excellent article in the Globe by my old colleague Beth Teitell about how the out-of-control Boston-area traffic is freaking us out.

She captures how we agonize over how much time cushion we need to plan a drive, and how you’re one fender-bender away from seeing that plan destroyed.

With our tight geographical squeeze, sketchy roads, and ample supply of clueless drivers, it’s no wonder we recently won the title of America’s worst gridlock.

That is one way I never thought we’d beat out New York or L.A, and it’s an unwanted distinction. If they had a Duck Boat parade for that one, it would sit on an off-ramp for three hours.

But the scary part is, there’s no apparent reason to think things will get better.

All the traffic-snarling roadwork that’s being done will eventually be finished, to be replaced by new projects. 

And as the Big Dig demonstrated, if you build it, they will come.

Maybe one day the MBTA will be a pleasure to ride, but it would take billions in expansion to get enough people out of their cars to ease the traffic. 

And as long as we continue to be the best city in America, more people will want to drive here, not less.

It is not a happy prospect. 

I think I speak for everyone at WBZ when I say that we feel your pain. 

When the casino opens, we’re going to have to parachute in to work.

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