The Great Ice Cream Debates

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — One of the best local charity fundraising events of the year continues Wednesday and Thursday on Boston City Hall Plaza, the Scooper Bowl, an ice cream festival that raises money for the Jimmy Fund.

If you’ve never been and like ice cream – and who among us does not? – the Scooper Bowl is a must. You get to sample products from all the best ice cream makers, big and small.

And while you’re there, you might find others willing to engage in some of the eternal debates about ice cream.

For instance – chocolate or vanilla?

This one is a little outdated since there are now at least 30,000 other choices, but my position is the only time I will tolerate vanilla is in a hot fudge sundae, and even then, reluctantly.

Sugar cone or waffle cone?

To me, the waffle cone just distracts from the main event. Plus, sugar cones facilitate the best way to eat the last half of your cone, by biting off the pointy bottom and sucking the rest of the ice cream out.

Go ahead, come at me on this one.

Jimmies or not?

I can go either way, but every time I have my cone without jimmies I miss them, so why bother?

Soft ice cream or hard?

This is a very touchy subject, with many ice cream freaks insisting that soft ice cream is an inferior version. But I beg to differ.

Nothing beats a soft swirl with chocolate dip on a warm summer night, as long as the dog is nearby to lick the runoff from your arm.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to ice cream than just enjoying it.

But eating your fill for a great cause at the Scooper Bowl is something we all can agree on.

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