What Is The Presidential Race About?

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Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

I had a long flight home yesterday and my live TV options included a couple of aggressively dull soccer games, a two-year old NFL game, and a guy peddling gold coins. 

So I actually resorted to watching some of the Democrats running for president.

Nineteen of them were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa talking mostly to hardcore party activists, and while I didn’t see all of them speak, certain themes were obvious.

Cory Booker was claiming the Democratic choice can’t just be about who can beat President Trump, but must also focus on who has the most passionate, original vision for real change, whatever that means.

None of the candidates I saw appear to have reinvented the wheel. From Booker to Bernie Sanders, they’re all espousing the same basic values and priorities.

Many of them try to convey excitement by shouting out their nostrums, a trite habit that seems to be driving support for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who offers nothing truly original but keeps his voice down while doing it.

Elizabeth Warren is a shouter too, but she stands out by attaching some real detail to her rhetoric. 

Imagine that.

But they all seem to want to dance around the fact that every last poll shows Booker’s theory is dead wrong: the Democratic contest is all about beating Trump. 

Thus, Joe Biden, who beats Trump like a drum in head-to-head matchups, continues to lead every poll, despite (or maybe because of) his almost invisible campaign.

A solid majority of the country appears to have had it with Trump’s act. 

Why pretend this election is going to be about anything else?

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