An Ode To Carl Stevens

Editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — I’m not all that much of a Facebook guy

And sometimes that means things pass me by

Like word that one of the best newsmen you’ll find

Is planning to step back from the daily grind.

“I got old” WBZ’s Carl Stevens wrote

In a typically self-effacing note

Announcing his plans to work part-time for now

Leaving the rest of us to wonder how

We’ll get by without Carl’s amazing skill

At giving us coverage like no one else will

Full of knowledge, truth and skepticism too

From a newshound who always knows the right thing to do.

When stories and scrums in the State House got restive

You could count on Carl to bring proper perspective

To cut to the chase and ask just the right question

To get the most news from a newsmaking session.

But as good as Carl is as a story-getter

As a colleague and friend, he’s even better

A cheerful, supportive voice in a racket

Where too often you need to wear your flak-jacket.

Carl says he’s feeling his age these days

And brother, I can dig it, let me count the ways

But the good news is, Carl Stevens will still

Be a part of BZ, and he always will.

Because live or on tape, Carl will always be the guy

Who serves up the news, with a side of wry.

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