Does Nancy Pelosi Know What She's Doing?

House Democratic Leadership Discusses Possible Impeachment Proceedings

House Democratic Leadership Discusses Possible Impeachment Proceedings

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — If you think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is stupid or naïve, you are mistaken.

Pelosi has been around politics all her life. And she has been around the track, as both an inside and outside player.

Pelosi knew what she was doing earlier this year when she warned fellow Democrats away from what she saw as premature impeachment.

She observed that our scofflaw president was “almost self-impeaching,” and waited for the evidence to pile up.

And Pelosi knows what she’s doing now by giving the green light for impeachment hearings.

Some of the first polling on the Ukraine phone call affair is in, and it shows majority public backing for impeachment if the president suspended aid to an ally to pressure them for dirt on a political opponent, 55% to 26% with the rest undecided.

Even a third of Republicans would be for it.

The disgust at what’s alleged here seems unusually widespread. Even Senate Republicans, ordinarily a docile crew when it comes to Trump, voted unanimously to disclose the whistleblower’s complaint.


Surely the nature of the alleged offense, dragging a foreign player into domestic politics, is problematic to people, especially on top of all the Russia stuff.

But it is also the tip of an iceberg of ignoring ethical traditions, subpoenas and valid criticism while showering the public with falsehoods.

The polls show around 35% of us don’t care; the rest of us do.

So if you believe Nancy Pelosi has lost the thread here, think again.

We’ll soon see who’s in touch with the electorate, and who’s not.

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