Farewell To The Real Deal

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Rob Gronkowski. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — There’s only one story to talk about today, the story that is surely the dominant topic of conversation in every New England workplace – Gronk.

Rob Gronkowski is retiring after nine memorable seasons with the Patriots, and he will go down as one of the most popular atheletes ever around here.

Given our wealth of memorable Boston jocks, the presence of Tom Brady, and the fact that Gronk was often out injured (something that can rub local fans the wrong way over time), how is it that he retires the undisputed toast of the town?

Consider the behavior Gronkowski has modeled during his time in the spotlight.

He clashed with the front office over contract issues at times, not always a crowd pleaser.

And it was unfortunate that he chose to make public binge-drinking a part of his personal brand.

But no one is perfect, and Gronk’s basic decency and humanity always showed through.

I’ve never seen or heard a story about him being cruel or rude to a friend or fan. He did more than his share for charity.

And Gronkowski’s love for the game and competitive spirit was always endearing. His Gronk Spike was the most authentic post-touchdown celebration ever, not a taunt or showboating, but an expression of joy any kid who ever played a sport could relate to.

In a world where phonies proliferate, Gronk – or, as the late Tom Menino once called him, Gonk – was the real deal.

Happy retirement, Gonk. You’ll be missed.

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