Joe Biden, Back From The Dead

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Political junkies – the kind of folks who hung on every word of this week’s seemingly endless Democratic debates – are an impatient breed.

They always want to know who’s up and who’s down, and are ever ready to declare a winner months before the first primary votes are cast.

After his disastrous performance in the first round of debates last month, it was said with utmost certainty that Joe Biden was dead in the water.

After last night, not so much.

Biden is no Barack Obama when it comes to debating or campaigning, and never will be.

I would not bet the mortgage on him being the nominee.

But if you watched last night’s debate with an open mind, you saw that Biden is not the aging road-kill envisioned by so many.

If you’re going to claim it’s unacceptable for Biden not to back Medicare for All, as Kamala Harris did, you’d better be prepared to rebut his critique that the plan would phase out private insurance plans and take a hefty tax bite out of paychecks.

Harris wasn’t.

If you’re going to press Biden on long-ago votes and writings that today seem sexist, you’d better be ready to cope with his response – that was a long time ago, and here’s what I’ve believed and stood for in recent years.

I noticed neither Harris nor Kirsten Gillibrand roasted him as a flip-flopper, perhaps because their own records contain significant, um, evolution.

The bottom line?

This race has a long, long way to go, and calling winners now is a fool’s errand.

Or a political junkie’s addiction.

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