Aaron Hernandez And The Pursuit Of Justice

aaron hernandez

Aaron Hernandez in court in 2013. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — I recognize and respect the fact that the job of a criminal defense attorney is to provide the best possible defense for their client.

But the pitiful histrionics of the lawyers for convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez yesterday left a dent in defense bar credibility.

You will recall the circumstances of Hernandez’s 2015 conviction for the atrocious slaying of Odin Lloyd.

His cronies provided eyewitness testimony against him; damning video evidence showed him wandering around his house with the likely murder weapon shortly after the killing.

Hernandez’s 2017 prison suicide while his appeal was pending could have benefitted his estate. But in a unanimous ruling yesterday the SJC found the legal principle invalidating his conviction upon his death was never a valid law.

Mass. SJC Reinstates Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction
Mass. SJC Reinstates Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction
The state's highest court has reinstated former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez's 2013 murder conviction in the killing of Odin Lloyd.

The decision was “cruel for Aaron’s family,” said publicity-hound lawyer Jose Baez, claiming he was ready to present evidence at the appeal that would have reversed the conviction.

Perhaps he’ll now present it in glossy book form, safe from the pernicious cruelty of facts and juries.

And the quote of the day comes from the chief lawyer for the Mass. Bar Association, who claims the ruling “makes it crystal clear that the SJC is placing victim’s rights paramount to those of any other party on appeal.”

Imagine that—a system that seeks justice for victims, not just their victimizers.

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