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Antonio Brown. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — When you criticize the mistakes of others, you’d better be ready to own up to it when you make a mistake. In that spirit, I hereby retract my Friday commentary about star NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown and the “meltdown” that got him released by the Oakland Raiders.

I suggested that Brown’s chaotic behavior, which cost him a $30 million contract, was evidence that “money and fame aren’t everything.” And I still think that’s true. 

Money And Fame Aren't Everything
Money And Fame Aren't Everything
WBZ political commentator Jon Keller weighs in on Antonio Brown's meltdown.

But I neglected to mention that winning IS everything. And now that Brown has potentially turned the Patriots into a likely repeat champion, I now see how shortsighted my criticism was.

I thought that by misbehaving his way out of Pittsburgh, then forcing his new employers to cut him loose, Brown was acting erratically. But his insubordination and tantrums now make perfect sense. 

Contrary to all appearances, winning a Super Bowl was all Brown wanted all along, according to his agent. And contrary to all prior evidence, the agent claims Brown is eager to fit into the Patriots’ ultra-regimented culture. 

 “He’s prepared in, work hard, be like every other player on the team, do what’s asked of him, do his job and make it work,” claims the flack. 

Perfect, as your waiter says these days when you order your burger. 

Winning will certainly help clean up Antonio Brown’s image, and we Pats fans will love him for it, even the ones who reviled him just days ago. Because after all, winning isn’t just everything - it’s the only thing.

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