Bernie Sanders' Folly

bernie sanders iowa state fair

Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Iowa State Fair. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Regular listeners here know that I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories.

Is there plenty of bad behavior and evil intent in government and business? Yes.

Are there cover-ups? Of course.

But I have no use for conspiracy theories like the one Bernie Sanders was peddling earlier this week when he whipped up a crowd by claiming the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post gives him bad press because he complains about the tax breaks enjoyed by Amazon, another Bezos property.

After Post editor Marty Baron slapped down Sanders’ grandstanding by pointing out that his paper enjoys editorial independence from Bezos, Bernie backed down.

But he’s sticking with his general theme, that “large corporations own the media in America…and there is a framework about how the corporate media focuses on politics.”

I’ve worked for a range of big media corporations over the years and some privately-owned outfits, and never once have the bosses told me what I should or should not say.

Yes, for-profit media outlets have a bias. They have to make money to survive.

That means reaching wide audiences.

So when we see strong public interest in a candidate, reflected in polls, crowds or TV ratings, we will tend to cover them.

Bernie Sanders ought to know this.

For the reasons I cited, he has drawn far more attention than his record or rhetoric might otherwise command.

Sorry, Senator, there’s no conspiracy in critical coverage of your campaign.

Just the facts.

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