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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Republican Party takes a lot of guff these days for dumb stuff it says and does.

Most of the time, they deserve it.

But true fans of political malpractice have to tip their caps today to the Democrats, who have come up with a scheme for presidential candidate debates that seems like a disaster in the making.

The Democratic National Committee wants to have back-to-back nights of nationally-televised debates including up to 20 candidates, at least ten of them, one a month through April 2020, with the lineup chosen at random, no separate tables for grown-ups and kids.

To qualify, you need to draw at least one percent in a few different polls, and show some ability to attract donors, thus eliminating candidates with the unique combination of no money and no online game.

What could possibly go wrong?

Certainly, publicity-seeking no-hopers who make the cut—not to mention the debate moderators—wouldn’t think of using their face time to bait the bigger names, luring them into creating self-damaging fodder for the Republicans.

And no way will those histrionics remind independents of what they don’t like about the Democrats instead of why they’re unhappy with the Trump era.

Party Chairman Tom Perez says this plan amounts to “putting our best foot forward to beat Donald Trump.”

Or more likely, an outbreak of foot in mouth disease.

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