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Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The badly-needed $2 trillion bill to upgrade our inadequate airports and repair our crumbling roads and bridges may be dead in the water, thanks to our snowflake president, over-politicized Democrats, or a combination of both, take your pick.

But that doesn’t mean Washington has lost its ability to squander your tax dollars. Far from it.

Remember the ongoing dispute over President Trump’s request for close to $6 billion to build his pet border wall?

He didn’t get it, but Congress last year did appropriate more than $1.5 billion for wall work.

In the months since, by the government’s own account, they’ve only built 1.7 miles of fencing.

That leaves just 998 miles of wall to go to fulfill the president’s famous campaign promise.

Just a guess, but I’d say no one—wall supporters or opponents—is happy with this mediocre outcome.

And the story reminds me of the famous claim Michael Dukakis made as he accepted the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination. The election, he said, was going to be “about competence, not ideology.”

That epiphany didn’t help Dukakis beat Bush, but it sure seems relevant today.

Many Trump voters did so because they hoped the self-proclaimed dealmaker could get something done where professional pols had failed.

If he can’t move an infrastructure bill that everyone seems to want forward, it’s a huge failure.

And make no mistake—the voters will notice.

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