Oh No, Not Driving In Snow!

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — It looks like we’re in for the first winter storm of the season during rush hour later today, and you know what that means: an appalling number of us will drive like we’ve never seen snow before.

Driving too fast, tailgating, recklessly changing lanes in order to get to the next red light a car length ahead of the guy in front of you – these are the entitlements of the Boston driver, and he or she will be darned if they will check their privilege for a couple of hours because of Mother Nature.

But let’s keep hope alive that by repeating the basic, commonsense rules of storm-driving we might prevail on our fellow Bostonians to not make it extra-miserable for the rest of us this afternoon.

First, a novel idea for when you get into the car later today – if there is snow and ice covering your roof and windows, why not remove it before driving away?

You can speed this process by running your defroster for awhile before pulling out; don’t worry, it won’t cost you more than a few cents.

We realize you may not enjoy the sight of all that snow, but being able to see it and the road ahead will make us all safer.

And here’s a prediction—you will make it home tonight even if you slow down to accommodate the slippery roads!

Really! I promise!

What do you say we give safe driving a try, just for today?

Don’t worry—it won’t cost you your local citizenship.

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