Warren On The Hot Seat

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — I suppose it was predictable, and I don’t fault the person for asking it, but the question put to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she spoke to reporters about the latest wrinkle in her claim of Native American heritage was still jarring: “will you drop out of the race for president?”

Let’s review some of the reasons why candidates have dropped out of presidential races over the years and see if they fit our senior senator.

Has she been caught cheating on her spouse, as Gary Hart was?


Did she lift another politician’s speech and claim it as her own words, as Joe Biden once did?


Has Warren misused campaign funds, engaged in abusive behavior, tried to cover up a crime?


But she lied, right?

Actually, no one has ever refuted her claim that Native American heritage was part of family lore. Her DNA test confirmed a distant link.

And the most damaging claim—that she pretended to be a minority to gain unfair career advantage—remains unsupported by any evidence.

Meanwhile, Warren has the party standing, money and message to be a legitimate nomination contender.

So, explain to me again why she should drop out.

So the pack can claim another carcass?

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