Why You Should Get Off Twitter

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Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Elon Musk, the three-dollar-bill CEO of carmaker Tesla, is up to his old tricks again, inexplicably playing the fool.

On Sunday, Musk claimed he was deleting his Twitter account.

This was a rare sign of common sense from Musk, who, in the past year, has won himself and his company a $40 million fine from the feds after he misrepresented his finances, then violated that settlement by doing it again.

And he’s also being sued for defamation for a tweet he wrote attacking one of the rescuers of those boys who got trapped in a cave in Thailand, of all things.

Musk is the poster boy for people who shouldn’t be on Twitter, but hardly the only one.

In fact, unless your Twitter feed is irreplaceably important to your business, there’s no good reason why most of us should be on it.

The instant gratification that is at the heart of Twitter’s appeal is an addictive drug that often gets users in trouble. If you don’t believe me, Google “people who got fired for their tweets.”

And Twitter shares the same toxic problem that Facebook and Instagram have—they are feeding areas for cyberbullies and psychopathic trolls.

There is no countervailing benefit—one recent study found spending more than a couple of hours on one of these sites can dramatically increase your feeling of social isolation.

Social media has its positive uses, I get that.

But for the most part, Twitter and the rest are garbage, unedited, uncivilized places that showcase the worst of human behavior.

It’s not easy to leave if you’re hooked—Elon Musk is still on Twitter.

All the more reason for those with a clue to bail.

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