A Prime Candidate For Death?

Louis Coleman III

(Delaware State Police)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The alleged monster who allegedly kidnapped a complete stranger, 22-year-old Jassy Correia of Dorchester, outside a downtown nightclub and was caught with the woman’s dead body in the trunk of his car four days later, was in federal court yesterday.

It seems likely the feds will seek the death penalty if the alleged perp, who of course is presumed innocent for now, is convicted.

And if the evidence the feds claim to have holds up, this case will be another test of whether or not there is any crime heinous and callous enough to warrant capital punishment.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows the suspect approaching Correia on the street, escorting her into his car, then dragging her seemingly lifeless, half-disrobed body into his Providence apartment building hours later.

Louis Coleman Makes First Boston Court Appearance In Jassy Correia's Death
Louis Coleman Makes First Boston Court Appearance In Jassy Correia's Death
Louis Coleman, the suspect in the kidnapping and killing of young Boston mother Jassy Correia last month, made a brief appearance in federal court Monday afternoon.

Over the next few days he bought body disposal materials and a large new suitcase, which he wound up hauling out of his building into the car trunk in the middle of the night.

Expect to hear the usual arguments from the defense lawyers, as they try to persuade a jury that two plus two doesn’t add up to four, or that such an allegedly calculated, drawn-out crime wasn’t pre-meditated.

We’ll be watching.

If convicted, those of us who still support the death penalty will be looking for it here.

Because a society that can’t administer real justice to someone who could commit such a random, inexplicable crime is one that can’t and won’t ever stand up to evil.

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