Heartfelt Beliefs, Abandoned When The Wind Shifts

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Fmr. Mass. AG Martha Coakley; Massachusetts AG Maura Healey. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images; Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — One of the most annoying things about politics is the tendency of politicians to vigorously proclaim their righteous positions on issues, then abandon them for any number of reasons.

We see this every day among political partisans.

Some of the same people who looked the other way when President Clinton behaved inappropriately around women are the first to dump on President Trump for similar behavior. Republicans who excoriated President Obama for spending tax dollars on leisure time whine about it when the press notes that Trump makes Obama look like a penny-pincher.

And we see it way too often from the pols themselves.

Heartfelt beliefs abandoned when the wind shifts; for nearly everything Mr. Trump says, there’s an old tweet from him saying the opposite.

It gets old, fast.

So it’s refreshing to see Attorney General Maura Healey stand firm on her criticism of the vaping peddlers at Juul, despite their hiring of her old pal and former boss Martha Coakley as a lobbyist, and actively troll Coakley in a string of anti-Juul tweets following the hiring announcement.

While Mass. AG Investigates Teen Vaping, Her Predecessor Joins JUUL
While Mass. AG Investigates Teen Vaping, Her Predecessor Joins JUUL
Former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is joining e-cigarette giant Juul Labs—the same company current AG Maura Healey launched an investigation into last year.

It’s understandable that Coakley would justify her new gig with nonsense about Juul’s “commitment” to cut down on smoking rates and keep kids away from their product.

That’s what flacks do.

But while she could have stayed silent, Healey has bluntly challenged Coakley’s spin.

And I’d like to see more of that insistence on principle, not less.

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