The Myth Of Media Control

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The next time you hear someone really going off on the controlling authority of liberal media bias, keep something in mind—they don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

Would we even have a President Trump—let alone Presidents Nixon, Reagan and Bush—if newsroom liberals had the kind of manipulative power their critics claim?

These days, there are ample opportunities to consume media with a conservative bias, and millions of Americans do, to the exclusion of other sources.

Even so, there’s plenty of evidence that people of all ideologies are far less susceptible to media bias of any kind than is alleged.

Take the latest poll in the Democratic presidential race, which shows that voters are paying far less attention to the endless coverage than media critics always seem to believe.

The two frontrunners by far are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, neither of whom is actually in the race.

That’s because almost everyone knows who they are enough to have an opinion about them, so they spit their names back at the premature pollsters.

No one else comes close to that kind of recognition.

Translation: most people are way too busy—and have too much common sense—to be obsessing now about a campaign that is a year away from counting actual votes.

Liberal—or any—media controlling our politics?

A foolish fantasy, peddled by people who don’t know how you live or think.

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