Dining At The Half-Baked Buffet

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Did you watch the day-long testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen before the House Oversight Committee yesterday?

If you missed it, you didn’t miss much.

Cohen was emphatic about what a dishonest bum his former boss is, and correctly identified himself as a “fool” for carrying his water for more than a decade.

You couldn’t be blamed if you wondered: “why am I spending hours of my life that I’ll never get back listening to a self-described liar and fool?"

It was a little disconcerting watching committee Democrats treat Cohen like he was a fountain of truth. But they looked like statesmen next to the Republicans, who fell over each other trying to vilify Cohen in defense of a man who’s already been shown over many years to fit Cohen’s description of him as a grifter.

In sum, it was the usual congressional committee experience, a feeling of having eaten more than you ever wanted at a buffet where everything was half-baked.

Russia, Hush Money, Lies: Takeaways From Cohen's Testimony
Russia, Hush Money, Lies: Takeaways From Cohen's Testimony
Michael Cohen told Congress a lot— and much of it wasn't good for Donald Trump.

So what did we actually learn from yesterday?

That investigators are working on leads we may not even know about.

That the president’s penchant for dishonesty may have led him to perjure himself multiple times.

And—that the partisan polarization is so bitter, a final verdict on all this is going to need proof, not just more finger-pointing.

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