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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — It’s always interesting to see what lessons people take away from big-time, widely-viewed sports events like Sunday’s thrilling NFL conference championship games.

In both games, fans of the losing teams were left incensed over questionable officiating calls. New Orleans Saints fans in particular are insisting they were “robbed” by an atrocious non-call.

But those claims ignore the fact that the officials are not thieves. They’re human.

Humans make mistakes.

The conversion of those mistakes into a criminal conspiracy that “robs” us of something speaks to an unflattering culture of entitlement and refusal to accept group responsibility, as in “we could have overcome the ref’s blunder if we had played better.”

Another lesson from Sunday—the misunderstanding of “clutch” play. How do the Pats have so many players who perform their best when the stakes are highest?

Because they are well-coached, work hard, and pay attention to detail, more so than most of their opponents.

Nothing magical about it. If we all worked that hard and accepted responsibility rather than deflecting it, we too might be perennial champs in our own leagues.

Or at least contenders, instead of jealous whiners.

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