Your Phone Addiciton Is Killing You

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — I thought there was no form of clueless behavior involving the oxymoronically-named smart phone—along with the now-familiar sight of people walking into lamp posts or driving off the road—that I hadn’t already seen.

But I was wrong.

The other day, on a quiet side street, I came up behind a car at a stop sign.

I soon realized there was no reason for him to be stopped, there was no traffic on the cross street.

Finally, I pulled around the guy, half-expecting to see that he might be in some kind of distress.

But no, he was just on his phone yakking away.

There was ample space for him to pull over and talk if it had been something urgent, but he didn’t. He just decided that he would stop in the middle of the street and take care of his business, oblivious to the fact of what the road is for and how others might be using it.

I didn’t stop and converse with this clown, although I thought about it.

But to him and all others who are clearly slaves to the demands of their own phones, I would say this: can’t you see that your addiction is eating you alive?

In this case, a grown man was ignoring crucial rules of basic social functioning—share the road, be aware of others, don’t be a jerk—under the sway of his device.

And I call that a clear warning sign that the tech-addiction apocalypse many of us have been fearing is at hand.

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