Clean Off Your Car!

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A man scrapes ice and snow off of his car in Quincy, Massachusetts. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — It was a nasty couple of days after our first serious snowstorm of the winter, so cold that even running your engine and defroster for awhile wasn’t going to make it much easier to remove that ice-encased snowpack on your car roof.

So I was willing to cut a little bit of slack to the many drivers I saw on Monday still driving around with a load of snow.

But now, it’s Wednesday.

And there is absolutely no excuse for being out there with pounds of snow and ice just aching to fly off your car into your windshield or that of the innocent drivers behind you.

We go through this every winter, and trust me, I don’t like being the village scold.

But the growing intensity of police efforts to warn drivers to clear off their cars and ticket those who don’t speaks to their mounting alarm over how many people still won’t take the hint.

So if you’re one of them, listen up—this is no joke.

Every year, people are killed by the negligence of folks like you who just can’t be bothered to remove a hazard from your vehicle.

If you’re somehow physically unable to do it, you needed to get someone to help you by now.

And if you are able but just can’t be bothered, you should pray – that you don’t wind up hurting or killing yourself or someone else, and that if you do cause a problem, you do not draw me on the jury hearing your case.

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