Shut Up And Spring Forward!

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — We Bostonians rarely shy away from a good argument, over politics or, same thing, sports.

Why should we when we’re always right?

But there are some arguments so dumb they’re not worth having. Like the one that broke out yesterday on, fittingly, the international home of dumb arguments, Twitter, after we sprang the clocks forward.

It turns out there are some among us who bitterly oppose the annual return to Daylight Saving Time that is giving us daylight after work for the next eight months. It’s a health and public safety hazard, they claim, plunging early-bird workers and school kids into morning darkness, a pointless manipulation of time, etc and so on.

These are people who don’t seem to appreciate the value of seeing the sunset, and they have my deepest sympathy.

There is no greater gift from nature than a beautiful sunset. You may think you know exactly what’s coming, but it never fails to surprise. It can be an exclamation point on a great day or a promise of another chance after a bad one.

And for most of the next eight months, working people who can’t catch the sunset all winter will now be able to enjoy it. Daylight Saving Time is a wonderful thing.

And there’s no plausible argument about that.

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