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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — One day down, two left to go in the charade that is the state Gaming Commission’s hearing on whether or not the former Wynn Corporation should retain its license to run the new casino in Everett.

Yesterday we learned Commission investigators failed to turn up the tawdry track record of Steve Wynn’s personal behavior toward his employees and the company’s relentless cover-up of it because they were lied to.

Report: Wynn Executives Hid Misconduct Allegations For Years
Report: Wynn Executives Hid Misconduct Allegations For Years
State investigators say for years Wynn Resorts tried to bury allegations of sexual assault against company founder Steve Wynn.

Current company executives don’t dispute a word of it, but spoiler alert—there is no suspense about whether or not they will keep their license.

The Commission will huff and puff and posture and hit the company with a big fine, but pulling the license with Everett all staffed up and set to open in a couple of months would be a political and economic disaster that I don’t think the Commission or Beacon Hill have the stomach for.

If I’m right, there’s an important lesson to be learned – that the so-called Expanded Gaming law passed in 2011 was all about politics and money, and not at all about the law.

I direct your attention to Chapter 23k of the law, in which the very first section declares “ensuring public confidence in the integrity of the gaming licensing process…is the paramount policy objective.”

Just a few sentences later: “gaming licensees shall be held to the highest standards of licensing.”

The Commission failed on both counts.

And their inevitable cave-in later this week is an admission that all that righteous rhetoric was a joke.

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