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Boston Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles RMV

Boston Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles RMV

(Mario Jarjour/WBZ NewsRadio)

Opinion editorial by WBZ NewsRadio political analyst Jon Keller

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — As you drive around today, warily eyeing your fellow drivers the way Boston drivers learn to do, you can sustain your vigilance by keeping in mind that the state agency in charge of taking licenses away from drunk drivers had so little interest in your safety, they let hundreds of them continue to drive alongside you after they’d been busted for DUI in other states.

That is the finding of the audit report MassDOT commissioned about the Registry of Motor Vehicles scandal, in which that horrendous massacre of motorcyclists last summer might have been averted if they’d been doing their jobs.

The RMV needed to be on its toes to catch this one. 

Connecticut notified them they’d pulled the alleged perp’s license because he refused the breathalyzer 23 days before the New Hampshire accident. Instead, they showed a familar lack of urgency to fix the way they were handling this crucial task.

For instance, three years ago, they wasted time worrying that updating their suspensions might result in pesky insurance surcharges for the perps. 

An outside contractor hired – with your tax dollars - to develop a fix saw his work prodict ignored without explanation. The same indifference that greeted an auditor’s warnings about the backlog.

Meanwhile, the boxes of unprocessed notifications piled up, each one containing multiple threats to public safety.

MassDOT Sec. Stephanie Pollack says "it appears that until recently there was an institutional belief that this was not a serious safety problem." 

Can there possibly be a more damning description of any bureaucracy?

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