The Democrats Best Choice?

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — As someone who makes a living covering politics, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but presidential campaigns are grossly over-covered. And the 2020 race is shaping up as the worst example ever.

The Democrats are already way too deep in the weeds of policy squabbles, who did and said what ten or 20 years ago, and meaningless arguments over generational, gender and racial identity politics.

President Trump seems lost in fantasies about the next election being a rerun of the last one, which it never is.

You never know. 

But I’ll go out on a limb and make an educated guess that this election is going to be a referendum on Trump, and whether or not voters are up for another four years of this. 

And if that’s the case, the best nominee for the Democrats will be the most electable one up against Trump.

Which brings us to today’s entry into the Democratic race, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In the run up to his October 2015 decision to stay out of the 2016 race, Biden consistently routed Trump in head-to-head polling. He is a native of key swing state Pennsylvania, and popular in other states Trump won narrowly last time. 

And he has a compelling family story of loss and military service.

Biden has lots of flaws, and might not make it through the left-leaning primary gantlet. 

But if I’m right about what this election is about, he might turn out to be the wisest choice the Democrats could make.

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